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Re: [IP] Re: 2 shirts at once routine


    wow, this is even more involved than the method I picked up!! --Gianna 
(it's also much more useful when in coed situations :)

>This came in handy back in high school cross country when we shared a

>bus ride home with the guys but didn't want to wear our sweaty shirts

>from the meet. Here's how we did it (many variations out there I'm


>1) while wearing first shirt, slide second one over head. Do not put

>arms through arm holes of 2nd shirt, but pull it on all the way so it

>covers the 1st shirt.

>2) pull arms back through armholes of 1st shirt. You are now wearing 2

>shirts over your neck only.

>3) scrunch up the 1st shirt towards your neck so that you can get your

>arms under the bottom of this shirt. Take care to keep 2nd shirt pulled

>down during this part!

>4) insert arms through holes of 2nd shirt

>5) pull 1st shirt out through neck hole of 2nd shirt. remove.

>You have now changed shirts without showing the chest area!

>ps. works best with "roomy" shirts!



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