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Re: [IP] My opinion on the Glucowatch

Ed, I think the problem is more one of accuracy than timing.  20 min is
really quite OK a time interval.  In your case you mentioned, I would bet
that the first time you measured at 102 you BG was actually about 75.   The
accuracy of your existing meter is  only about 15-20% (try it with repeated
tests of the same blood to convince yourself),  so that is more likely the
problem in your situation.  The bigger question is how accurate is the
glucowatch. I don't know anything about that, but I would suspect that it
is even less accurate than our current portable meters.
You are correct that BG can rise quicklywhen you ingest glucose, but
falling BG is normally considerably slower, unless you've over bolused
yourself accidentally.

<<<<<<The problem with this device (the glucowatch) is that it measures
every 20
minutes. The president of the company had said that that was OK because
diabetics' blood sugar does not change that quickly. BULL FEATHERS! If you
are having a reaction, you treat it, wait 10 to 15 minutes (NOT 20) and
retest. If no result, retreat. I know other diabetics who can drop 100
points in a matter of minutes. Last week, I was 102 before I got in the car.
When I got to the end of the street, I felt funny so I tested again. 62.
That was a couple of minutes.
The watch will be good when they reduce that time and it will be better than
nothing for people who never test anyway (except the required one time to
calibrate the watch.

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