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Re: [IP] 2 shirts at once routine

> >I'm sure your

>daughter knows the "two shirts at once" routine.


>someone fill me in...I have seen this post twice now, and don't have a 



>mom to a soon to be middle schooler who may need to know this trick.

   OK Ruth! the two shirts at once routine is this wonderfully ingenious 
method designed by preteens everywhere in anticipation of that wonderful day 
when they make us change for gym!! As someone mentioned, you can't let 
anyone see any part of you that they wouldn't normally see (this happens 
more so in junior high, by 11th or 12th grade people routinely run around 
the locker room clad in bras and underwear :)  now, if one has a long shirt 
on, then obviously it's easy to change pants because the shirt covers 
everything.  The trick is, how to change out of the normal shirt and into 
the long one. So, first you take your arms out of the first shirt, and while 
that shirt is still on, you get the second shirt all ready (facing in the 
right directions, etc. etc., and put your arms into that one.  Then (and 
this is the hard part ;) in one speedy motion you raise your arms up about 
halfway so now your arms and the second shirt are covering the front, pull 
the first shirt off, and pull the second one over your head.  Heehee . . .it 
might take some practice. :) in junior high, everyone had planned to hang 
towels across the little changing stalls, but once we perfected the shirt 
method, that idea was gone.

   I know this has nothing to do with pumping . . .but oh well :)

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