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[IP] from Gianna's mom (#2)

Dear Insulin Pumpers:

     I just wanted to thank all of you for the 24 hour a day support that 
you've made available to my daughter.  There have been many times since she 
began pumping that problems have come up.  If she hadn't been calm and known 
what to do (many times because of suggestions and ideas from you) then I 
would have been very worried about her.  Instead, we have never had a major 
problem with infections, high blood sugars, carbs, or anything else!  The 
pump has made all of our lives so much easier; I'd forgotten for awhile what 
it was like to come home and not have to rush to get dinner ready on time, 
or to sleep a little later on the weekends.  This list (and the pump!) have 
made our lives much easier. Thank you all! --Paula Dewell

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