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Re:[IP] from Gianna's mom: (was: young teen girl wants off pump)

Any insights from parents who have lived through
>teens with diabetes?  HELP!  Could use some encouragement!!

     Hello Mary, Gianna told me about the trouble your daughter is having 
adjusting to the pump.  It can be pretty frustrating, can't it?  I know how 
you're feeling when you want to allow your daughter to make her own 
decisions, but you hope she'll decide to do the "right" thing!  In our 
situation, Gianna was the one who pursued the idea of a pump.  Her 
stepfather and I had to be convinced!  However, she's also been struggling 
some with diet issues/exercise, mostly due to lack of time!  I've found that 
if I try to give advice, even if it seems like she isn't listening, she'll 
remember it later.  Then, when things get frustrating enough, she'll try it! 
  If you decide to let your daughter continue with MDI in hopes that she'll 
see the benefits of a pump, maybe she will come around.  On the other hand, 
if you're really uncomfortable with her decision, you are still the mom.  
Why don't you make an agreement that you will do a "trial period" for a 
length of time, with no judgements passed until the trial is over?  If that 
doesn't work, maybe she just isn't ready.  Junior high is a tough time, I 
think it gets easier in high school.  And, definately keep the idea of 
pumping in mind when college comes around! College is much less regimented 
than high school and the benefits of a pump will increase tenfold.  This 
idea was a huge factor in Gianna's decision to begin pumping.  Good luck! 
--Paula Dewell

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