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Re: [IP] Re: young teen girl wants off pump

  She insists that her reason is twofold:1) she has gained 5 lbs in 3
>weeks on a reduced carb diet which she started at pump training, and 2) she
>hates the pump bumps.  ("Mom, how can I wear a bikini with these red dots
>all over my belly?")

  hi again: a thought on the two things mentioned above:
if a low carb diet isn't working for you, maybe you should go back to 
whatever you were doing before.  Low carb works well (in my experience) if 
you are really good about it, but not if you sort of half follow it, because 
then you are eating lots of carbs AND more fat.  anyway this has been my 
experience. It will take some experimenting with the diet---also, if you 
were having alot of high bgs before pumping, a lot of calories were going 
right through your system without being absorbed.  If your control is better 
on a pump, those calories aren't "disappearing" anymore!
	About the bikini, you could try below-the-bikini line sites.  I find that 
they are more comfortable there, actually.  I also know some people who put 
the site high up on their backside, right below the hip area.  Good luck! 

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