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[IP] ADHD, diabetes

Dear Mom to Kap,

kevin is very advanced too. Not as much as Kap...possibly...but I found this 
very interesting. When we had him dx with ADHD, the doc also did IQ testing. 
he came out of the room in a daze and turned to my husband and said "This boy 
is smarter that all of us!" He is in 5th grade, but doing 12th grade Math!! 
The advanced Math program he is in is doing 2 grade levels above, but he 
seems to still enjoy it.  (bored at times)

He loves things that stimulate him constantly like Nintendo (GOD help us!) 
and computer games and CHESS games on the computer. 

Is Kap on Ritalin? kevin developed a problem with it 2 years ago that we were 
unsure whether it was Ritalin or other stuff going on. This summer, we want 
to re-try it. He had developed a tic after being on it for 2 years. We 
changed to TENEX (a bp med) but at the same time found out he had an eye 
infection in both eyes that required drops for 2 months. THAT is when the 
blinking stopped. TExex makes him sleepy at times, and I dont like the fact 
that it messes with bp.

Anyway, I'm interested in the link between ADHD, and intelligent kids! And 
the rashes and possibly Diabetes....

Keep in touch,

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