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Re: [IP] young teen girl wants off pump


I'm not a parent of a pumper, but a pumper myself.  I'm very interested in
your daughter's decision.  Maybe I can offer a few suggestions.

<<She insists that her reason is twofold:1) she has gained 5 lbs in 3
weeks on a reduced carb diet which she started at pump training, >>

Why the low carb diet?  That is not necessarily pump-related, but may be
your doc's recommendation.  Using a pump makes it very easy to eat a normal
carb diet.  I'm curious about the reasoning for this.

<< and 2) she
hates the pump bumps.  ("Mom, how can I wear a bikini with these red dots
all over my belly?")  Her site from yesterday is inflamed & her ped. put her
on antibiotics. >>

Is she using straight Humalog in the pump?  If so, she may be having some
sort of reaction to the Humalog... many people do.  Lots of people on the
IP list have solved the problem by mixing a small amount of Velosulin in
with the Humalog. The Velosulin seems to "temper" the Humalog.  If she is
getting a raised pea-sized bump then no wonder she's upset.  I use the mix,
and when I take out my set, I only have a small red dot, about the size of
a grain of sand.

Good luck!

Mary Jean 
pumping for almost 3 years

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