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Re: [IP] Re: young teen girl wants off pump

    Several thoughts come to mind from over 3 1/2 yrs pump experience with my 
almost 17 yr old daughter:
     a) Melissa also objected to the "pump bumps" vs. bikini season .....an 
issue totally resolved by inserting in her back hip ("love handle" region)...
     b) by switching to the Silhouette ( aka "Tenders" or "comforts") the 
pump bumps also disappeared AND since the connection is right at the skin, 
that annoying little "tail" and the "button" on the Sofset wouldn't show 
through a bathing suit either
     c) Melissa has periodically said going back to shots would be so much 
easier, but she never has....I think what she's really saying is that she 
wishes she could go back to not being diabetic, but she knows she can't
     d) the weight gain IS a real issue once the kids have the freedom to eat 
whatever & whenever...but then it's also an issue for their non-diabetic 
peers and I found that the body image concerns did balance out the "junk food 
choices" issues....I just keep reminding her that even without diabetes, if 
she kept choosing nutritionally unsound choices, there would be consequences 
     e) more important than the "sleeping in" concern (for my daughter) was 
the morning bg...prior to the pump ( in 7th grade) she was awakening in the 
mid-200s despite our MDI juggling act.....Now she almost always awakens in 
the 100-140 range which starts her day off so much better than being high, 
irritable, cranky, moody, etc...
     f) since Melissa only uses about 40 units per day, she fills the 
reservoir once a week & changes her infusion set mid-week, which basically 
means she's "dealing" with the mechanics of her diabetes only 2 times/week as 
opposed to the 28 times per week when she was on 4 daily shots....
     g) the first time we had to go out to a holiday dinner shortly after she 
got her pump, Melissa was hysterical because none of her outfits seemed "the 
same", when she had to factor in the pump placement....In the ensuing almost 
4 years, she's gotten very creative about where to place the pump..Usually 
she cuts a small hole in the pockets of her jeans & threads the tubing 
through & re-connects.....which limited her to buying ONLY pants with 
pockets......until she found a pair of dress slacks she LOVED & to which a 
local seamstress was able to add inside pockets!!!
   h) bottom line: where there's a will, there's a way...Remind Dana that 
like most things in life, the pump too has its "learning curve" & the things 
that are problematic TODAY won't be in months to come......
    Lastly, having another teenaged daughter 18 months older than Melissa, I 
can assure you that amazingly enough, there ARE lots of rewards accrued at 
the end of these tough teen years!!! Just remind Dana that you are her 
advocate, not her enemy......and that YES, there are trade-offs involved in 
pump therapy, but from our experience, the benefits have far outweighed the 
   Good luck!

Regards, Renee (pump-mom for 3 3/4 years!)
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