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[IP] Sleeping with your pump & othern times:

There several very useful pump "holders" that really make things much easier to ware pumps.
  For sleeping there is a 1 &1/2"  wide elastic belt. It is closed on your waste by Velcro.  Attached to it is a cloth "pocket" with a Velcro to close the flap.  I place it outside my PJ's. I leave it loose enough to be able to slide it out of the way at night if I roll on it. Great at night . Can also be worn under clothing so pump is out of sight.  Use it to keep pump worm in very cold temps.  Very handy if you are at a time when you  just do not have anyplace on your body to hang anything. (i.e. after shower)   I bought one and then made 2 make for less than $10.
    Unique Accessories Inc., Website: < uniaccs.com > owned by a pumper Tamara Norris.  Her company sells 25 different products to hold pumps.  Belt holders, leg & thigh holders, shower holders, shirts with holders, pants and shorts with holders.  Something's made just for kids.   The website sells all of them direct and MiniMed sells some her items.  I received a new color catalogue today.  They are good people to work with.
Charles  S...