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[IP] Re: GIving up the pump

Just some thoughts about being 13 and wanting to hide the pump (keep in
mind I was dx until I was 16 and just started pumping at 21, and I love to
show Jude off so he pretty much always is on my waistband).  When I do want
to put him in pockets, I cut a small hole in the pocket to feed the tubing
through.  If I don't feel like sewing up the edges, Frey Check is an awsome
product (although it does wear off after so many washings).  I do the bra
thing occasionally, but my 12 year old sister would not have anything to do
with that (I haven't asked her directly, but that is my general guess).  A
couple of times I've worn my pump on the inside of my pants/underwear.  I
don't like the feel of my pump against my skin, so I put it in a baby sock,
then clip it to my underwear (clip facing out) then pants/shorts (so the
sequence is skin, pump in sock, underwear, clip, pants).  If find this
annoying for bolusing and uncomfortable/looked wierd if my pants are
tighter (windpants were okay).  If she has a 508, maybe the remote would be
a good idea for her to use to bolus at school.  Or maybe the audio bolus
(lunchrooms are loud so I doubt it would be heard by anyone not listening
to it).  I was on the swim team all of high school (and we swam for gym
class).  After a few weeks of my freshmen year, we got lazy about not
showing any skin (somewhat), but we were quite talented at not showing any
skin changing from swimsuits to clothes when we wanted to.  I'm sure your
daughter knows the "two shirts at once" routine.  If her gym shirt is a
little big (doesn't have to be huge), just always wear that when changing
your bottom half.   You can clip your pump to your underwear, then let your
shirt hang (you can NOT have someone else see your UNDERWEAR!!! it was very
not good to do this at my school, so every girl had a largish shirt to do
this with), then you can change your pants/shorts.  As for the site, I know
with the sillouette, I can wear my swimsuit, and no one can see where my
site it (unless it is on the leg or arm).

Maureen- who only hides Jude when she is going to be around people who are
always pulling on her tubing (I think it must be like necklaces or earrings
for some babies)
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