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[IP] Re: "pity party"

I couldn't help but join in the "pity party".  On Friday and Saturday I
kept having these weird highs (some in the mid 400's) that sometimes would
come down right away, sometimes nothing would happen.  I would bolus again
and it always worked by the second time.  Sometimes I would eat and be
fine, sometimes I wouldn't.  Sometimes I wouldn't be eating and be fine,
sometimes I wouldn't.  I couldn't figure out what was happening.  I figured
it wasn't the site because when it worked, it worked exactly right, when it
didn't I would go up only a few points in the hour I was waiting to see if
the correction worked.  Tried bolusing with it disconnected, worked fine.
Anyhow, finally on Saturday afternoon I look down at my pump and think, my
tubing doesn't look like it is laying right.  Bring my pump close to me,
gee, it smells like insulin and the tubing is broken in half (but not
completely, so if my tubing layed one way it was "connected" if it layed
another it wasn't).  New tubing, and a day later (my resistence was off
from the high/bouncing for the day and a half), I'm back to normal.  Then
today during an exam I kept feeling low, I eat 75 grams of carb (without
insulin), suspend my pump, (before the exam I was 102 test twice during the
exam 86 and 99) go out to Wendy's afterwards (did turn my pump on and
bolused for that, but underbolused and did a dual wave), and 3 hours later
was 115.  Now I'm 325 (which is about 4 hours after my last one).  So
either I miss did the Wendy's thing, some of the 75 grams of carb is now
catching up to me, stress is deciding that it wants to send me high and low
today, I'm rebounding, or I just randomly went high (I checked my tubing,
and it is in one piece).  Sigh, maybe tomarrow I'll have a "normal" day.

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