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[IP] Re: sleeping with pump

What I did for my 9yo daughter was to get a couple of medium
men's pocket t-shirts (the $4-5 ones at Target or WalMart.) I put
a strip of iron-on bonding/mending "tape" (about 1-1.5" wide x
2.5" long) on both sides of the fabric (far enough down inside
the pocket where you can't see it) and cut a slit through that
big enough for the pump to slip through. Once she works it up the
inside of the shirt and through the pocket she sets it widthwise
so it doesn't slip out of the slit or out the top - the pocket
holds it snug in place and all the tubing is kept underneath
where it can't get tugged at or pulled out. 
It is a cheap, quick, easy, no-sew way to sleep with the pump
without belts or anything else. (I was going to sew a big
buttonhole type opening but didn't have the right type of needle
for that fabric...but this worked fine!) 
She is all over the place when she sleeps so she can't just place
it on the bed. 
I am going to be altering some of her pants pockets with
buttonholes next, as well as altering some of her other clothes,
to give her more options.

Take care, Kerri 
Alulitsuti (Ah-loo-lee-joo-tea, mother of many children)
"Strive to be a person who is never absent from an important
act." - Osage proverb
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