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[IP] Re: young teen girl wants off pump

I want to thank all of you who replied with thoughts on our situation.  Dana
is in 8th grade and is VERY concerned with appearance right now.  She is a
cheerleader & planned on unhooking her sil at games & competitions. She
actually thought that the pump was a cool accessory!  And so did the kids at
school!  She insists that her reason is twofold:1) she has gained 5 lbs in 3
weeks on a reduced carb diet which she started at pump training, and 2) she
hates the pump bumps.  ("Mom, how can I wear a bikini with these red dots
all over my belly?")  Her site from yesterday is inflamed & her ped. put her
on antibiotics.  She never minded shots, just that she couldn't sleep in &
that her bg's were all over since menses. She is my middle daughter & is
very strongwilled, so the more I push, the more she pulls! Today she said" I
feel so free!" not on the pump.  Then came the 230 bg at bedtime!!!!  I'm
sorry to be so long, but I am  having a hard time allowing her freedom to
choose something that may not be in her best interest medically.  Probably
the age- old power-struggle every parent of teens goes through, but
magnified because of D.  We have an appt next week at the ped. endo, and
will do MDI till then. (I'm hoping that she'll miss sleeping in & get tired
of juggling insulins). Any insights from parents who have lived through
teens with diabetes?  HELP!  Could use some encouragement!!


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