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[IP] Need your Suggestions!!

Hello Everyone:

I am right now in the process of helping MiniMed develop a new mold for the 
SofSet infusion set.  I was contacted after complaining that the set 
sometimes had "rough" spots located near or on the Quick Release area.

So far I've told him about this problem.  I have also told him about the 
infusion set getting stuck and you can't get the Quick Release to work.  
I've seen a number of postings on this.  And I have also suggested that they 
put the Quick Release closer to the infusion site, therefore eliminating the 
Long Tail.

Now... I'll be speaking to him again tomorrow.  Does anyone else have any 
suggestions or ideas I can pass along to him that you would like to see 
changed on this infusion set????  Let me know.



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