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[IP] airport security

>>How do you deal will taking the pump through
>>security.  Do you need to carry an Rx explaining what it is?
>>I will only be traveling with a carry on.  No checked luggage.
>>email @ redacted

I haven't traveled for awhile, but I have been disappointed that in 16 years
of pumping (my first one was the size of a checkbook box) that no one ever
stopped me to ask what I had that was bulky under my coat in cold weather.
But your pump - at least if it's MiniMed will say on it Insulin Pump and if
there are any Q's, show them what it says. My first MM was a 506 in '92 and
my son was looking at it. Being trained by a police dept. he said, "This
doesn't say what it is." I alerted MM and since then all the pumps have what
the device is. Be sure to have extra batteries, a bottle of insulin, a reg.
insulin syringe and extra infusion set with you to cover all emergencies.
    Happy flying,
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pumping 8/83)

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