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Re: [IP] Bubbles in Tubing

At 03:37 PM 12/6/1999  Sherry Webb Nolan wrote:
 >Hey, I noticed some bubbles in the tubing.  Probably due to the fact that
 >the Humalog the CDE gave me to use was right out of the fridge at my start
 >this morning.  Anyways they are about a foot from the disconnect and I have
 >been keeping an eye on them.  Should I not sweat it, or when they get closer
 >to the disconnect should I prime them out?  I just don't want to waste the
 >insulin priming it now.

When is a bubble not a bubble?? When it is just part of the tubing. I 
believe that the tubing is made in two layers. If there is a minor 
separation/imperfection, it looks like a bubble, except that it stays put 
and never moves. If you can, hold that area of the tubing up to your eye 
and look through it towards a light, you'll see that the center part of the 
tubing is probably clear.

Most small bubbles don't cause any problems. Someone did a calculation here 
as to how tiny (in fractions of a unit) each bubble really is... you'd be 
surprised as to how little that they really are. If anyone has this, it 
might be interesting to post it again.

Don't feel bad... those plastic bubble imposters have fooled lots of people.


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