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[IP] re: young teen wanting off pump, hiding pump

Hi all--
 Not sure what advice I can offer, but I can
sympathize with her. 7th grade was probably the year
the most people "bugged" me about having diabetes,
probably b/c of ignornance, but that was the year my
city's 5 elementary schools joined together in 7th
grade at middle school, it was primarily immature guys
and of course you have to know not to take them
 I just wear my pump likea pager and people notice in
stages...no real probs the first week of school, the
second week a teacher had a prob, not with the pump
but wihth me needing to go the clinic at lunch time,
and today was an exmpale of the pump spurts....I have
had a guy pull up my shirt to see my pump, that was a
few weeks ago,t hat didn't bother me. Today one guy
saw me in the hall, staring at my waist (very few of
my shorts totally cover the upmp ) and the look on his
face..I know this guy and didn't wait..I go, it's not
a pager, lift up enough of my shirt so he can see the
tubing and he goes, oh, I was going to say I wouldn't
be caught walking dead obvious in teh hall with a
pager (there was a techer around). Then another guy
today accused me of having a pager, but you cna't let
that bug you. When you make the choice to get the pump
you know the situations which will arise, at least I
did, which is why Id di a saline trial in April last
year, in school. NO one accused me of ahving a pager
then..of course it was a white not blue pump, but some
joked with me b/c they knew it wasn't a "real" insulin
pump. Last year I had pe when I did the trial,
changing, as Gianna said is not an issue. i would clip
it on my bra during changing so I wouldn't pull on it,
and  I'ms ure if another girl is staring at your
chest, she's not goign to say anything. Of course, you
can have 2 shirts on at once so very little skin is
revealed, that's another way to hide it. But, you need
a pocket in gym shorts...mine didn't have any< i
clipped it on the inside of my shorts..it stuck out
but provided a little protectioni (sit ups weren't too
comfy at first:-)
 Anyhow< i just think everyone is different. I am
wishign that I could hide my pump, but I know with my
body and the clothes I wear, I cna't "conceal" it
anywhere, and as people have told me for months,t he
benefits it provides outweighs wearing it.
 To the mother of teh girl unusre of wearing hte
pump...I was scared to death of the response at my
school of having it and having people (guys/teachers)
pull it off. Some people aren't so ncie about it, but
most are, and very few people notice. Chances are, if
you are going to test your bg in class anyway, you
will have to bolus and one point or anothe rand
they'll realize it's not something you should have to
hide. I think pulling it out of your bra would be
worse. I would put mine there, but it tends to be too
big in most of my bras, and if I even run for a
second, it will fall out...I think t hat would be a
funny one to explain!
 You live and learn, and get used to it. When I had my
awful highs I was ready to get rid of the pump. I 'd
had better control on shots and why the hech was I
wearing something that labeled me as "diabetic" when
in fact it wasn't helping me at all.
 I think i'm just rumbling on. I am so stressed (and
high of course! I hope this week is over soon!)

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