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Re: [IP] changing for gym (was young teen girl wants off . . )

Around >here, Jr. High is when PE class first involves changing clothes and 
 >group showers. Possibly this girl is having a difficult time with 
 >"getting naked" in front of others while having an infusion set >attached? 
  Adults on this list have discussed the discomfort of having >to undress 
with a prospective partner while wearing a set, so imagine >how difficult it 
would be to have 20 other people watching! A Jr. High >locker room can be a 
pretty rough place to be if you are "different."
>Gianna (or others), any comments/solutions for this?

Hi again :) Hmmm . . .I hadn't thought of this, although I should have! 7th 
grade is when we start changing for gym around here too (although, gym is 
somehow never very strenuous and given our two minute change time, no one 
ever showers *lol*)  But . . .I wasn't dx'd until 10th grade and only had to 
start dealing with gym this year since I didn't have gym when I was dx'd.  
that said, I completely forgot about this aspect until I walked into the 
locker room on the first day of class!  I wasn't worried about my friends, 
but I did care about the people who didn't know me.  I know however, that I 
might be a rare person that didn't let it bother me.  Suggestions:
	I wear a longish tee shirt for gym and wind pants. I usually wear the pump 
clipped to my waistband, so I change my shirt first (believe me there are 
all kinds of ways to avoid showing much skin while changing . ..are you 
familiar with the "two shirts at once" method? *grin*)  Then I can clip the 
pump on my underwear and the tubing and site are hidden by the tee shirt.  I 
can then pull on my pants and reclip the pump without anyone really seeing.
	Another option would be to disconnect the pump for changing, especially if 
you would disconnect for gym anyway. Just remember to lock it up!!!  That 
way you could just stuff it in a pocket and not have to worry about covering 
up tubing, only the infusion set.  This works especially well if your site 
is below the underwear line :)  hope this helps??  It's not easy by any 
means . . .after all no one was meant to carry around an extra pancreas all 
the time.  But it does get easier with a little creative problem solving.  
the idea outcome would be that you learn not to care anymore :) as another 
IPer mentioned, if your friends are really true friends, they won't care. 
They'll be happy that you are healthier and that you'll be around longer!  

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