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[IP] "pity party" update

Andrew had to return home early from a Sonics game because he was 505
(UGH) and decided it best he be here. 

Sooo, I again I start from scratch. I gave him 2 H by needle, took off
the 2 hour "old" set. I changed the insulin cartitridge (that a had
changed the night before) and got the new set. Unbelievably, he had
spaghetti for dinnner (even tho' he was still 289) bolused 2 within the
hour he was.....drum roll please......123!!!!!! And great from then on.

So, now I ask, is it possible that there was a problem with the cartidge
even tho' we had changed the set and primed 4 times? Could it have been
some bizzarre illness that only lasted 12 hrs with no adverse symptoms?
Too weird!!

He was even able to have a candy cane from Santa after dinner since he
went down to 56! Amazing!

Thanks for you thoughts! Just darn happy that we all had a good night's
sleep AND he's doing well today.

God Bless Cari

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