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Re: [IP] Sensitivity

interesting about this rash.
prior to dx...when geneva was about 2,  she too broke out in all over body
rash/hives.  doctor could not figure it out.  she had not used any new
products or eaten anything odd.  they thought perhaps a kidney malfunction
and tried to catheterize her which she vehemently fought.  never did get it
done.  (probably traumatized her for life!)
we just let it go and she cleared up  in a few days.
to this day, I wonder if this is when her immune system started to go

she is sensitive to labels and such...but seems to have gotten better as she
got older.

 I had the same phenomenon occur when my thyroid stopped functioning (and I
didn't know it).  head to toe hives. along with all of the other symptoms of

ruth, mom to geneva

> I was diagnosed at age 4 in 1980 after going to the doctor with a head to
> toe rash.  The doctor had never seen anything like it before and decided
> do a bunch of blood work to figure it out.

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