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Re: [IP]young teen girl wants "off" pump

>>My 13 yr old was pumping for 3 weeks
>Sounded enthusiastic then :)
>>& wants to go back on MDI.
>>She has a definite body image problem
>>(always being connected to the pump).

     Just wanted to say that I'm sorry your daughter is struggling with the 
pump.  :(  and maybe offer a few suggestions.

>Is this an age by which young girls are typically wearing
>bra consistently, daily ?  If so, that device might
>be employed (other women & girls can advise here too!)
>for carrying the pump in a less-exposed less-obvious
>position than the usual-for-MiniMed "outside on waistband".

     David: yes.  However, I don't think it would be much more comfortable 
for a girl eating lunch at school to suddenly have to reach down her shirt 
to bolus.  (I never really understood this concept!) Also, especially at age 
13 (and even for some of us long after that :) ! I don't really think that 
wearing the pump in a bra is quite so "invisible!"  I have a minimed pump 
and if I don't want people to see it, they don't.  I usually wear it on my 
pocket, because I suppose I'm lucky in that everyone at school either 
doesn't notice it or they think it's cool.  But 12th grade is alot different 
than 7th or 8th.  I'm not sure how I would have felt at that point-it's 
definately understandable to have some second (third, fourth) thoughts.  
However, I have carried it inside my pocket, inside the waistband, or with 
the long tubing have worn it in my sock or on my calf.

>Disconnection can be for a minute while dressing up to
>half an hour to maybe (but less likely or realistic
>the longer it goes) 1-2-3 hours of exercise.

     If you don't want to worry about the pump for a certain occasion, like 
a dance or party or swimming or anytime you really don't want people to see 
it, you can always take an injection of humalog! Instead of giving up the 
pump totally, if you REALLY feel uncomfotable, why not work out a system for 
disconnecting for long periods of time? It isn't easy, but I've done it and 
it works.  You just need to figure out how long straight humalog lasts in 
your body. :)  At least you could use the pump overnight at the very least, 
which would still help alot.  Not the best situation in my humble opinion, 
but better than nothing!

I expect there has probably been
>somebody at school bothering her about it.

  If this is the case, it's unfortunate and really mean.

>Can Dana "talk" with Gianna as with an older sister ?

  I'd love to talk if you want!  I won't pretend that wearing a pump is 
always easy but it has definately been worth it! For me, I'd rather deal 
with having to explain why I have a "pager" than have to decline spur of the 
moment snacks or anything else that is affected by the MDI schedule we know 
so well.  Please write me, post here, or contact me at one of my instant 
message names below!!

{{{{hugs}}}}}} --Gianna

"The world is no longer a romantic place.  Some of its people still are, 
Therein lies the promise." --Anonymous

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