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[IP]young teen girl wants "off" pump (was Re:ip-digest V3#727)

Mary Roeder wrote in
Subject: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #727
     From: "Hal Roeder III" <email @ redacted>
     Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 00:51:52 -0500
>My 13 yr old was pumping for 3 weeks
Sounded enthusiastic then :)
>& wants to go back on MDI.
>She has a definite body image problem
>(always being connected to the pump).
Sounds a great turnover from
Subject: [IP] MM 508 & new pumper
     From: "Hal Roeder III" <email @ redacted>
     Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 00:47:02 -0500
Wherein it sounded like she was enthusiastic with pumping.
(while the physician you/she consult is not)
Since I'm a single older guy, I'm only uncle to all
of my brothers' children, I'll set up a few questions
on Dana's situation for Mary & Hal :
13 yr girl possibly new to Jr High or Middle School, 7th grade?
She wants to "look just like every other 13yr-old girl" ?
and never previously carried-around everywhere she goes
her "own" Bg meter and of course "school" never did let
her handle insulin injections "there" anyhow (?)
Is this an age by which young girls are typically wearing
bra consistently, daily ?  If so, that device might
be employed (other women & girls can advise here too!)
for carrying the pump in a less-exposed less-obvious
position than the usual-for-MiniMed "outside on waistband".
I'm a Disetronic partisan, but I have acquaintances and
friends in the other camp too.  I've seen women wearing
Minimed use belt-clip to attach to bra's shoulder-strap
atop one breast inside blouse. This avoids the usual
problem of waist-band carriers having to re-position
the pump during every toilet visit and clothes change.
Plus the tubing to pump is then not "hanging out" to
get caught by every passing door (or stove?) knob
or poking curious playful (or attacking?) schoolmate.
Mary, you may have said which infusion set Dana uses?
but the difference between the older "fixed" sets
MMT-111 or most bent-needle sets, and the newer
QR Quick-Release MiniMed sets (either size of SofSet)
or the disconnectable Silhouette [= Disetronic Tender]
leaves 3 situations:
1) pump cannot be removed without removing infusion set
2) pump can be disconnected from the 4-inch tail of QR
3) pump disconnectable from the quarter-sized Sil/Tndr
Disconnection can be for a minute while dressing up to
half an hour to maybe (but less likely or realistic
the longer it goes) 1-2-3 hours of exercise. Can avoid
having to arrange "carrying" during athletic situations,
but timing has to be managed, MUST NOT IGNORE!
But to do that also invites exposure to tampering
and theft by "others" while off-body.
(Remember Kap's recent gym problem!)
The difference between Sil/Tender disconnection "disk"
and the MM-QR's 4-inch "tail" has been disussed here
by one of our (20 something?) slightly older women.
Even if Dana can ajust these choices to accept
carrying the pump, I expect there has probably been
somebody at school bothering her about it.
If it has been BOTH other kids and at least one teacher,
THAT is the problem.
Can Dana "talk" with Gianna as with an older sister ?
Other upstate NY members I remember are also older ?

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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