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Re: [IP] Re: giving up your pump!

Yes.  Mary - I have wanted many times to go back to MDI.  I called up my CDE
and my Doc many times after geting this wonderful device and told them I was
goiing to throw out my pump.  And go back to shots.  Well, I sent back my
pump In September  to MiniMed to ask for a fine tuning. They said it would
take 12 weeks!!!  BUT they said, we will send you a substitute pump.  OK,
I'm stupid - I agreed.  Well, they've sent me three substitute pumps, and
yesterday, the third one FAILED!  They've sent me three substitute pumps,
and three have failed!  MiniMed - are you listening??! So, I went back on
shots.  Had to set my alarm, this AM, so I would get up early and test -
guess what 44!  Ate lunch, even tho' I was in the middle of doing my
Chritstmas cards!  Tonight, forgetting that NPH does "its thing" I was low
again.  Yes, it takes getting used to!  Doesn't everything about diabetes??!
But, don't give up your pump.  MiniMed is supposed to send my "substitute"
pump tomorrow, but going back to shots, isn't easy!  Or accurate!

DON'T GIVE IT UP!!!!!!!! Been there, done that!!!      Jane

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