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[IP] sensitivity

I can't hold anything that vibrates (lawn mower, razor, weedeater, etc.) and
have to let loose of the steering wheel when crossing a RR track. My back is
extremely sensitive and I jump every time someone touches me. They usually
don't touch me again -- I scare them so much. A piece of sand in my shoe
feels like a rock. I attributed most of it to a damaged nerve due to a
spinal tap when in the coma. I'm hypersensitive all over and it gets
irritating to others. They don't realize it bothers ME, too. I found a
wonderful chiropractor who listens to me and knows just how to touch me to
*straighten me out.*
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pumping 8/83)

>Darlene's comments re: her son Kap's sensitivity to socks and shirts really
>caught my eye. Once I
>found out about her (dau) diagnosis and read all I could about diabetes, I
>her endo if there was any possibility that she was already suffering from
>diabetic neuropathy. He said definitely not, but I wonder how many other
>kids/adults with diabetes out there suffer from this same sensitivity?
>Linda V.

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