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[IP] thanks for attending my pity party!

Thanks to all of you who joined in my pity party last night during my insane,
unexplained high of 425.  It helped to know you were out there.  I am better today.
I did want to respond to comments/questions from a few of you:

> From: "Tara" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: RE: [IP] poor me
> P.S. why did you do a dual wave?

I hate the feeling of dropping from 400 back into normal range almost as much as I
hate the feeling of being 400.  The dual wave works nicely for me to bring down very
high highs.  The regular bolus jump starts the drop, seems to help overcome the
insulin resistance that comes from being so high.  The square wave "keeps up the
pressure" by continuing the drop, without the shock of a plummeting b.g.  Also helps
me avoid the yoyo effect of then going too low.  This method is just something I
thought up on my own, and it works for me.

> From: "Natalie A. Sera" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Pity party and basal-change question
> The way I look at it, if diabetes were TOO easy, you'd be tempted to get
> really careless about management chores.  So every once in a while, it has to BITE
> so as to remind you that it's
> still there!

Definitely!  I do get scared and frustrated by b.g. over 300, and it does remind me
how nasty D. can be and what serious business it is.

> At what point would you grin and bear it and do that irksome testing??

Had it been a weeknight, and had I had to work the next day, I would NOT have been up
testing that late unless my body just refused to respond.  As it was, I was somewhat
rested from the evening nap I'd had and wanted to ride it out to see where my b.g.
would level out.  I ended up testing in the mid-200s around 3:30 a.m., then it
started to rise again.  I took another very small bolus (1 U regular, 1 U square over
1 hour), and it popped right into place after about 2 hours.  But I would not have
been up all night if I'd needed to be really coherent today.

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] poor me
> Say I have a 385, I would just bolus 3-4 units and it usually goes down in an
> hour.  If it doesn't, I think
> I would change my site.

I know what the pump companies and doctors say about changing the site immediately at
the first sign of trouble, but I have not found that to be necessary.  In my early
days of pumping, I changed several sites unnecessarily before realizing that it is
o.k. for ME to bolus first and wait to see what happens.  Even when the first bolus
seems to have no effect, a second one usually does the trick.  I truly cannot
remember ever having high b.g. because of a "bad" set or site in the 4 years since my
assimilation.  So, based on my experience, I would change the site only as a last

Thanks again to all of you.


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