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[IP] no numbing/"pity party"

My 4 yr old uses the Rapids from Disentronic (in his tummy only...so
far...) Tried them first to see how he'd tolerate it. NO problem! I have
to say, he is a tough little guy, but he'd definitely let me know if it
hurt! : )

May I join the "pity" party????? I already posted about this but Andrew
was sick last weekend with 300-400's and large ketones. By Mon. he was
much better. still running a bit high all week but nothing too bad.
Yesterday we had a busy day but his numbers were FAB! 100-150 all day
UNTIL....I changed the insulin/set and site. He was up to 400 within the
hour. Bolused one more time to be sure. Still 400. Did a site/set change
at 10:30 PM  (not a happy boy!) Bolused again. Still high at 1:30 am I
finally gave him 2 H by needle. At 3:30 he was "down" to 280. PHEW! He
was 79 by 7 am. 

SOOOOOO, today he's been high all day. Not showing any signs of illness.
We've changed the set 1 more time. No help! 
What could possibly be the deal?????? Should I take him in for a check
up? Change the cartridge again? I'm at my wits end. We haven't had the
hard of a time with BG's since he was teething!!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent! Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.

Cari (mom of Andrew 4.75, dx @ 14 mo. pumping 3 mo.)

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