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[IP] Thanks Sam...

>>Once you've decided on the type of pump you want, work with your sales
A good pump rep will help you negotiate the insurance maze. It's in their
interest to know exactly what each company needs to get approval. Mine got
my doctor to write a letter with all the correct buzz words and I got
approved right away. Maybe I was just lucky, but it certainly won't hurt to

Thanks Sam, that's the approach I'll take.  My endo told me that he
currently has a patient that was just refused the pump by her insurance, so
I'm just a little nervous about this.

I can tell some D stories that will curl your hair, I think I nearly died
once from low Bg... long story, hubby almost called 911, but then I came out
of it.  But no one, not even my doctor, knows most of my stories since I
never talk about them, and I figure it doesn't happen all the time and by
the time I see him, it's long over with, so what's he gonna do?  Maybe I
need to get more vocal about the problems I always believed were something I
just had to live with.

Type 1 for 37 years, still hoping to be pumping soon...

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