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[IP] Supergirl & Parents who can't give shots

Guess I'm a super girl too-I have never numbed an area before giving a shot.  And the only person to ever hurt me was a nurse....the first day I came home from the hospital after diagnosis, my parents spend 2 (!!) hours trying to draw my insulin.  They knew a nurse and went to her for help.  She gave me the shot and my upper arm was entirely black and blue!  That's why my parents learned quickly they could do it better.  I feel sorry for my mom now.. remember looking inside from the porch..she would be sitting at the table in tears from trying to get all of the bubbles out of the syringe-it took her an hour every day to draw the insulin.  My dad did it if he wasn't at work.  I have even taught my friends and boyfriend to give my shots (Before pump)-and let my friend training to be a nurse practice on me.