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Re: [IP] Supergirl

I too have been "shooting up" but since 1962.  I also have never used any
type of numbing tricks, and I remember glass syringes with very large
needles (in the early days).  Now, since my memory is not as good as it used
to be, I really only remember what it's been like since the newer disposable
syringes and smaller needles have been around (maybe I've forgotten the
prior because it was just too awful?).  With the new needles, I rarely, if
ever, feel an injection.  But I have begun to fear that my injection sites
are pretty tapped out, since I think I have dubious absorbtion from the
sites.  After 37 years of 3 shots a day, you kind of wear those sites out
eventually and the body only has just so many sites you can use.  The other
day, my Bgs ran close to 300, and I think perhaps it was a bad site I choose
that morning.  And, since I don't have the option to later change the site
to correct, I was stuck with high Bgs all day.  Ah the joys of MDI, that's
why I want to try pumping now, it makes so much more sense to me.  To take
insulin to cover what I eat, not to eat to cover the insulin I take....

Type 1 for 37 years, still hoping to be pumping soon...

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