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[IP] Help, Michael...

Hi Michael,

You gave me some pointers for dealing with the insurance before, but I think
they have a method of keeping certain individuals from being approved for
the pump.  They tell me that the pump is approved durable medical equipment
under my contract providing I meet certain criteria.  A friend who works for
the insurance company tells me that their criteria is being a "brittle
diabetic with swings from high to low".  If they think I don't meet that
criteria, they will refuse to cover the pump for me.  I'm currently keeping
detailed log sheets which show my blood sugar ranging anywhere from 300 to
23, but I'm wondering what other kind of defense I can use to get my pump
approved.  I'll be facing this battle after the first of the year.  Thanks
much for your info, I sure have found this website to be very helpful to me
in making my decision to go on the pump after having IDDM for 37 years.

Type 1 for 37 years, still hoping to be pumping soon...

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