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[IP] Disetronic Service - damaged pump / spare pump

Hi all

FYI, I called Disetronic's Service # and told them my
pump case was cracked.  I probably dropped the damned
thing one too many times!  A CDE got back to me in 10
minutes and told me to just use the backup pump, send
in the cracked one, and they'd take care of it and
have it back to me in 2 weeks. Since it's still under
warranty, they'll do it gratis.  I always wondered
about why they give 2 pumps, but I'm glad I've got
'em.  When you take a Disetronic, you get 2 pumps (Yes
2! Count 'em 2!) for just such an emergency.  I was
impressed that they were so quick to get back to me,
and this is so easy.  If only everything else in my
diabetic (and other) life was this simple. I'm much
more careful of NOT DROPPING MY PUMP.


Steve Lazarus
New York, NY
My ducks are never in a row; too easy to shoot them!

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