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[IP] Glucose Sensor Results

Hi MJ and all

I am skeptical of the sensor (I'm assuming that this
is the one attached to the cannula at the site?) now
that I hear about your experience.  I am interested in
the Gluco Watch which Cygnus should get FDA approval
on in a couple weeks, if not sooner.  In any event,
I'd like to hear how you fare with the sensor as time
moves on.  How much does this cost?  I know the
GlucoWatch will be around $400 bucks, not including
supplies.  Anyway, good luck with finals, and I hope
this all works out.  If you have any more info, I'd
appreciate the email.  Thanks.

Steve Lazarus (New York, NY)
Type I for as long as I can remember (1963)
Pump since July 1998 - never a dull moment...

Subject: [IP] Glucose Sensor Results
Hi -- the results are in from my glucose sensor trial.
The most significant information I gained is that I
have nocturnal
hypoglycemia and sleep right through it. I'll need to
adjust my basalsto
account for that.  There were also several bg spikes
and dips thatoccurred
in between my meter readings.
The correlation coefficient between my meter and the
sensor was 96% onthe
first day, 86% on the second day, and on the third day
it dropped to69%.
My endo is also wearing a sensor right now.  I'm
interested to knowwhether
his correlation follows the same pattern.
In a few weeks (after my final exams) I'll try to get
organized andpost
the data on a web page.  If I do, I'll let you know.
It's kind of
interesting to look at (at least for me....).Mary Jean

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