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Re: [IP] Supergirl, was "painless shots"

I have never numbed
>at all and feel pretty much nothing, even with sils.
>--Gianna  p.s. infusion sets hurt less for me than shots did!

Same here!  I have been really puzzled sometimes when reading the posts
about what products to use to numb, because I think I'd be afraid of doing
that.  For me, if it hurts going in, that seems to be a sign that it's a bad
choice for a site...if it was numb, I wouldn't be able to tell until it had
been there a  while.  Maybe it's the same kind of thing as ear-piercing used
to be.  When my mom got hers done (many moons ago), they numbed the first
one with ice...it took forever & she said it hurt in a really bad way.  The
second one she told them to just "sterilize & do it"- took about 30 seconds,
no pain whatsoever.  She did mine the second way...she said she'd never be
willing to put somebody else through the ice process just on the chance that
it might hurt them that way.

I realize that everyone works differently...but I'm glad to hear I'm not the
only "non-number" out there!


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