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[IP] No More Needles.....Please! Video

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No More Needles.....Please! 
At last on video, the highly acclaimed Television Documentary. 
....an international search for the TRUTH about "THE CURE" 
for Insulin Dependent Diabetes. 

Finalist in the TIME INC Health Awards in NEW YORK for 1999 

"Thank you for this wonderful and courageous effort to let 
everyone know the real story about Insulin Dependent Diabetes." 
James E. Mulvihill D.M.D. 
President, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation 
International U.S.A. 

Featuring....Pancrease Transplants, Minneappolis: Nicotinamide Trials, 
England: Foetal Pig Transplants, Sydney: Islet Transplants, Los Angeles: 
The Cure? - China: The Insulin Pump, Paris: Family Gene Trials - Milan. 
Nasal Insulin Prevention, Melbourne. 

"No more Needles.....Please! traces the journey of  film-maker, 
Catherine Jarvis 
and her  12 year old son, James as they search the world for a cure for 
James' debilitating disease, Insulin Dependent Diabetes. James and his 
mother embark on a courageous and emotional quest visiting scientists in 
the United States, France, Italy, Denmark, England, China and Australia.

Diabetes has been known to man for 2,000 years. It is 100 times more 
prevalent than AIDS. It costs the world some $160 Billion dollars per 
annum. World-wide there are over 110 million diabetics and this figure 
is increasing at 8% each year. 

James has had diabetes since he was two years old. He cannot live 
without needles. He wants to know why there is no cure. For him, 
diabetes research is more than a science. The endless war he will fight 
with his own body makes it personal. He doesn't understand why diabetes 
receives so little research money compared with other diseases. 
Politicians still think insulin is the cure! 


Cost is US$15 plus postage. 
email: email @ redacted 
Address: Eliot Jarvis Productions Pty. Ltd. 
104 Pt. Leo Rd. Point Leo. 3916 

No More Needles...Please! is more than a quest for a cure for diabetes. 
It is an emotional journey into the lives of a mother and son facing a 
potentially fatal disease.
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