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Re: [IP] Glucose Sensor results on IP Website

Mary Jean Renstrom wrote:
> Michael graciously offered to post the data from my Glucose Sensor trial on 
> the website so you all can view it.

Hi, Mary Jean!

Thanks SO much for making that data available! I learned something from

First, I've always felt guilty because my own BG readings are so "good"
but they don't differ much from yours -- which justifies my OWN need to
find a rationale for taking my diabetes seriously. (Don't try to make
any rational sense of the above -- I've ALWAYS had a very hard time
psychologically with diabetes, and STILL have to convince myself that
I'm not an impostor, pretending to have it. Even while having PLENTY of
hard evidence that I do have it!)

Second, it was instructive to  see the ups and downs between the meter
readings -- especially the small fluctuations. 

If you read my previous message, where I said I'm dealing with suddenly
increased morning fastings, your graph is giving me the push to re-do
night time basal testing.


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