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[IP] Pity party and basal-change question

Hi, Jen,

S'OK to feel sorry for yourself sometimes!!!!

The way I look at it, if diabetes were TOO easy, you'd be tempted to get
really careless about management chores.

So every once in a while, it has to BITE so as to remind you that it's
still there!

I'm going through a period, for the last 2 weeks, where my fastings are
suddenly as much as 40 points higher than they were. 

So I'm trying to figure out whether I leave them alone for a while, to
see if they go back to where they were, or whether I change my
night-time basals. 

I DON'T wanna be bothered with all-night testing, so I'm struggling with

At what point would you grin and bear it and do that irksome testing??

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