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Re: [IP] Changing pump cartridges

Dear Kerri,
As I understand things, the reason for site change every 3 days is to prevent 
site complications and subsequently decreased insulin absorption. The insulin 
should not "go Bad" in that time or longer. You are correct about the 30 days 
at room temperature. When my daughter first started on the pump 2 yrs ago, we 
drew up about 2 1/2 cc's and after 3 days, threw out at least 1 cc left over. 
Now, age 14, we still draw up about the same amount, but at times she runs 
out before the full 3 days! That's what a growing teen will do! She only has 
2 small areas on her belly on either side to inject because she is thin so we 
do try to change every 3rd, sometimes 4th day. Otherwise she gets little 
bumps and does not absorbe so well. As you get used to it things will fall 
into place.
Hope this helps.
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