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[IP] poor me

Usually I write with constructive input, but this one is pure indulgent
self-pity.  I had salad and cheese and crackers for dinner earlier, bolused as I
normally do, took a nap on the couch for a few hours, and woke up with a bg of
425!  This is really, really unusual for me.  When I test "really high", it is
usually in the low 300s, but 400s are thankfully rare.  So. . . did a dual wave
bolus that brought me into the mid-200s within 2 hours, before leveling out and
starting to rise again.  Just did another small dual wave and am waiting to see
the results.  Thank God I'm a night owl!  My husband is up too (not feeling sorry
enough for me), and we're getting ready to vacuum the house.  Got to take
advantage of these inconvenient highs. . .

Anyway, just wanted to say "Wah! wah! wah! Poor me!" to those of you who know the
feeling.  Nauseous, tired, blurry-eyed, cranky, and mystified by those damn high
blood sugar gremlins once again.

I don't mind being sweet, but this is ridiculous!


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