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Re: [IP] inf. set/pizza fiasco

In a message dated 12/4/99 9:43:09 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< i don't know how much of my initial bolus did get in, so i don't
know if i'll get low in an hour or two. the other thing is, we've been
planning this pastry thing for a couple weeks, and i've been really psyched
to have a cannoli! soooo ... what should i do? just take a regular bolus
for the pastries (assuming i've dropped some by then), and then check and
check and check to make sure i don't go low? or should i just avoid the
pastries altogether? (don't really want to do that ...) help!  >>

Do you have a good site functioning now?  You do have several variables here: 
the current site, the uncertainty about how much insulin you needed for the 
pizza, the uncertaintly about how much insulin you actually injected for the 
pizza  -- and is the amount needed for cannoli also unknown, or is that 
something already figured out by practice? (a lot of people have to 
experiment a bit to get things like that right).

So I personally think you already have so much uncertainty here, how much 
more would there be with a little bit of pastry?(unless you have 
gastroparesis or something that causes problems with fats or overeating -- 
but you would know if you did -- and of course might still decide it was 
worth it)  Just don't use it as good evidence of what cannoli does to your 
blood sugar -- too many variables.  And I would try to get the level down a 
bit before I started eating.  But, yeah, I would check every hour or so for 
maybe 3 hours after the bolus (if using humalog), and in the middle of the 
night.  The pump and glucose monitoring are tools for living the way you want 
to live -- might as well push the envelope sometimes if you want to -- how 
else can you make good decisions next time about whether it is worth it?  

Linda Z
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