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[IP] inf. set/pizza fiasco

hi all!

so, tonight some friends and i decided to go this pizza place where you
always have to wait in line for at least an hour or so. with the pump, not
a problem, right? =) so i checked my sugar at around 6 pm when we first got
in line, a happy 127.  then when we got into the restaurant, around 7 pm, i
was 160. strange, b/c i think i have my basals figured out. but i didn't
think too much of it, just bolused 1/2 the dose, then square waved for an
hour the other half (just guessing, w/ pizza it's always an experiment, as
we all know ...).  afterwards, we went to this italian bakery nearby and
are planning on eating the pastries around 10:30 tonight or so.  but here's
the thing: i got back, checked my sugar (by this time it was about 2 hrs
after eating), and i was 283! so that seemed weird, never had a spike from
pizza before.  so i pulled out my set and whaddya know, lots of blood came
gushing out... so, maybe a little rashly, i was like "oh no! so none of my
bolus went in" and gave myself a shot about 3/4 of my total bolus.  now i'm
thinking, i don't know how much of my initial bolus did get in, so i don't
know if i'll get low in an hour or two. the other thing is, we've been
planning this pastry thing for a couple weeks, and i've been really psyched
to have a cannoli! soooo ... what should i do? just take a regular bolus
for the pastries (assuming i've dropped some by then), and then check and
check and check to make sure i don't go low? or should i just avoid the
pastries altogether? (don't really want to do that ...) help! thanks for
any advice in advance ... i love my 24hour support group!

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