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[IP] One basal rate?

George Lovelace wrote:
> IMHO, someone taking the same basal rate all day long is either a
> rarity or does not have their basals worked out. I would not expect
> to go to a "same rate" at any particular time in my life and if I did, I
> would not expect to stay there for long. Life constantly changes,
> basals need to change with it.   Speaking of it, I need to change
> basals again.  <vbg>

Even I, who DO have some endogenous insulin production, can't get along
on only one basal rate. My natural pattern is to go high in the wee
hours, and then plunge like a rock a bit before noon. If I'm going to
have a hypo, 90% of the time it will be around 11 AM.

If I only had one basal, there's no way I could control both the
pre-dawn rise AND the late morning plunge. 

Good reason to have a pump, even if you're NOT a classic Type 1 -- shots
can't be fine tuned the way a pump can!

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