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Re: [IP] Pumping at preschool?

Darlene, your post about Kap's treatment at school made me see RED!!!  One of 
the lessons our children will hopefully come away with will be to tolerate NO 
BULLSHIT.  My son disconnects during PE (he's in middle school), and one day 
he forgot to reconnect, and left his pump in his PE locker.  Thank goodness 
PE is last period, and when he came home and did a blood test and went to 
bolus for a high BS, he noticed his missing appendage.  He called my mother, 
who took him back to school, and the #@%*$&@ gym teacher would not let him 
get to his locker!  My mother pitched a fit, he got his pump, and - God 
forgive me - I called the gym teacher the next day and basically told him 
that if that ever happened again, I'd give him a SMALL taste of what my son's 
life as a diabetic is like by drawing blood from him.
-Sunny - whose motto is "TOLERATE NO BS!"
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