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Re: [IP] Pumping at preschool?

pam and wayne wright has fought and won many battles so our children and 
others with needs can go to schools/daycares and still have their needs meet.
It was w/ their tools - 
I used when Kap's teacher shoved his chair under his desk and the desk 
slammed into his stomach and knocked the breath out of him. (low blood sugars)
and the time he was made to walk from one end of the school to the other 
while having a low blood sugar.
and the time he spilled his milk on his lunch and was told he couldn't have 
another that he spilled his milk it was his fault and no more food - he had 
taken humalog to cover his lunch.
Without the laws we give- daycare - preschool and schools free will.
I fight for Kap's right to live a "normal" life - and he will take this 
information with him when he is grown - Sometimes you have to push a little 
to educate educate educate those that are forced to deal w/ diabetes but dont 
have diabetes.
And those laws speak louder than an overprotective Mom (perceived by school). 
I would think a 4 year old would get a message - - no preschool because of my 
diabetes - or maybe - Mom wants me to live in a box.
What we teach our children - will be with them for a life time.
How to become independent doesn't start at 21.
Which Kap reminds me - when he wants to go hiking in the woods with his 
"Its our world - not a box" if only could keep him in a box - things would be 
easier but then he would not live "experience life" 
Thanks for listening!
Darlene (Mom to Kap)
Advocate for the right to make choices in life!
Waiting patiently for Insulin Pump.
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