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Re: [IP] 8th day, getting worried

> 10 yo Summer got sick Thanksgiving.  Is on antibiotics for ear
> infection.  But her highs - 300s, 400s, have been unrelenting.  I've
> put her basal up to 2., from .5, and her endo. won't let me put it
> any higher.  We are correcting every 2 and 3 hours, but when she
> comes down into the 200s, she shoots back up immediately.  We are
> correcting with 3 and 4 times her usual ratio.  We are changing her
> sets often, using new insulin, injections, lots of fluids.  But she
> has not lost her appetite so we are bolasing her  (tripple usually)
> for food.  Just trace ketones.  If any of you have any tricks up
> your sleeve I'd appreciate it. 

When Lily gets sick, we just keep cranking up her basals until she is 
stable. They usually have to be brought down quickly as well when she 
begins to get well. I suspect that is why your endo is concerned.
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