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Re: [IP] Education vs - Management of Diabetes

Darlene, just this week Matt had to come home 2 days in a row!  The first day 
his number was 346. He called me to let me know, and broke down, crying, 
saying how stressed he felt.  He was fine until he heard my voice.  I just 
told him i was on my way, packed up his things and brought him home!  Matt 
cannot function at that level so it does more harm than good to leave him 
there!  Once home and did set change, (you'll love the pump) and Matt's 
numbers came back down, we did his work at home, and he was fine. 
Fortunately, this has been working, Matt isn't "falling" behind.  The second 
day he had a migraine, initiated by a low blood sugar , and he tried to go 
the whole day without dealing with it, and by 1:00 it was a full blown 
headache, so i picked him up and brought him home!  Once again, will do the 
work over the weekend!  So whatever you decide, you decide what's best for 
you and Kap, don't worry about being labeled good mom/ bad mom !  I cannot 
wait for Kap to get his pump!  Handling these highs is sooooooo much easier 
with the pump!

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