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[IP] Pumping at preschool?

I'm trying to get some info. from anyone who has a preschooler on the
pump....  I was told by our state licensing board that our preschool
provider cannot administer insulin by bolus or injection; she will lose
her license! (Bless her heart, she is the only one who has ever offered
to learn how to do it).

I was hoping Brian could go to preschool 2 days/ week next year, 8:30 -
5:30.  He goes one morning a week now - and he loves it - he will be 4
1/2 next fall, and needs the interaction with other kids.  The main
problem is that we live out-of-town, and it would be a 30 minute round
trip each time he needs a bolus or a shot.

Brian is on MDI now, we had hoped to have him pumping this spring - but
aren't sure if at his age the pump or preschool is more important - it
appears we may have to make a choice, or move.  Even if we are able to
sell our house and move into town, I'm not sure about going into the
preschool every few hours to bolus Brian for snacks and meals.

His control on MDI isn't great - but his A1c did come down to 8.6 from a

10 last summer.  He takes 3 shots/day at meals - and even if we stick
with the MDI, I will have to go into the school to give him the lunch
shot.  Sigh.  No easy answers.  Goodness knows what will happen in
Kindergarten - I'm hopeful we can work something out with a teacher as
there is no school nurse on duty.  (She only goes in 1 day/week.)

Does anyone have any light to shed on this?  Feel free to reply

Thanks in advance, Laurie, Brian's mom, dxd 12-98, age 3 (almost 4!)

p.s. My husband went on the MM 507 3 weeks ago!

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