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Re: [IP] Donating blood (long, sorry)

On Fri, 03 Dec 1999 19:19:21 -0800 "Natalie A. Sera" <email @ redacted>
> email @ redacted wrote:

> My local blood bank is United Blood Services, not Red Cross. They 
> still
> will not accept blood from anyone who uses injectable medications. :(
> I tried to no avail to get them to reverse this policy -- even called
> their national office and got a "doctor" who just stonewalled me with
> unreasonable reasons. 

When I was first diagnosed in 1988, I was permanently deferred from
donating blood any longer.
In about 1991, the Red Cross started advertising that they had
reevaluated their screening criteria
and that some folks that were disqualified in the past could now give.  I
started back at that time and have been 
donating both whole blood and doing apheresis (platelets).  I am living
proof that a IDDM can safely donate 
with no ill side effects.

As the son of a person who has had to have 40+ units of blood over the
years, it infuriates me that the nonprofit
blood collection agencies beg for "the gift of life" and then defer
donors because of being on insulin.  If the donor
is a well controlled IDDM or Type 2 on insulin with no recent change in
regimen, and no other underlying reason for
deferral, there is absolutely NO reason for them to be turned away.

I had a similar experience when I tried to do pheresis with UBS or
something similar...they wanted a letter from
my doctor saying it was OK for me to donate.  Did they ever get any blood
or platelets from me?  Nope.  I went 
back to the Red Cross where they were happy to sic Dracula on me.

Natalie and others, fight ignorance and stubbornness until they give in
or give you a valid reason not to take your blood.

To all of you who give, my daddy thanks you and I thank you.

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