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Re: [IP] Jim Jovanovich wants to start

<<If you can, please tell me how to get started.  Actually started.  I'm big
time itching.>>

First of all you've got the enthusiasm to start.  Then, it is crucial that 
you find an doctor, Endo or otherwise, who will support you going on the 
pump.  I ended up having a GP and a CDE back me up.  Some are supportive, 
some apprehensive, some completely against it.  You need that dr's support to 
get it approved thru the insurance company. If you run into trouble with the 
ones in your area, post it here and maybe someone can lead you to a better 

Keep good detailed logs of your bgs, (you should be doing many, like 8-10 a 
day), your injections,  food you eat and how many carbs it contains, 
exercise.  By showing this documentation to your dr you will be showing your 
dedication to gaining good control.

Also contact the two pump companies, MiniMed and Disentronic.  Their reps 
will be more than happy to direct you as they want the sale and want to see 
you succeed.

Learn all you can about pumping. Post your questions.  Read, read, read all 
the info on this site.  Go back to the page where you signed up and look into 
the articles there.

I wish you the best and hope you will be pumping soon.  It has certainly 
changed my relationship with DM.  Now I have a chance at control and do 
pretty well most days. To me "pretty well" = between 100-160 bgs and a 7.2 
A1c, much improved over 40-400 daily on MDI.

Ask any questions you'd like, either on IP list or e-mail me.

Best of luck,
IDDM 20 yrs
pumping 4 yrs
39 yrs old (tomorrow)
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