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RE: [IP] Re: First Sil/Tender/Comfort Insertion

>At 06:44 AM 12/3/1999  Jessica Marder wrote:
> >
> >well the mistake i made repeatedly the first time i tried to insert a
> >tender, was to put the infusion line in upside-down...  look carefully at
> >the connection, and you'll figure out what i mean.. the thing is, that if
> >you put it in upsidedown then you can't get it out again, without
> >destroying the set...  BEWARE!!!

Sam wrote:

>You must have really pushed to get it in upside down... I've found that it 
>doesn't go in easily the wrong way. If you look for it, you can also tell 
>by just looking at the connection end. If you see the two indentations on 
>either side of where the tubing enters the connector, you have it upside 
>down. The top side is smooth.
>Why they don't make it so that it goes in either way, is a mystery to me.

And my "clever retort" is:

If they made it so it goes in either way, then it would always be upside 
down, no matter which way you turned it <vbg>

Bob Burnett

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